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Constellation - HIBI Artisan

Constellation - HIBI Artisan

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Celebrating our second run of our instock 65% - Constellation, we have teamed up with HIBI. HIBI has reimagined our lovely constellation design language in a keycap form - which should pair nicely with your constellation (or any other board for that matter).

Keyboard Treehouse will be taking pre-orders for this cap, in Cherry R1. We will most likely be doing only one run of the colour, with some extras ordered to meet minimum order quantity. Extras will be sold after the preorder, however preordering will get you the lower price in an effort to meet minimum order quantity.

All Constellation - Hibi buyers will get priority perks on future Constellation and it's sister product, Satellite, releases

We estimate around 5 months to fulfill this batch.

Pre-order price until inventory arrives at warehouse.


For our international customers, please visit Keyboard Treehouse.


Profile: Cherry

Row: Row 1

Compatibility: MX style stems

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