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D-BT08 Dragon Empire Glitter Bundle C-RRR

D-BT08 Dragon Empire Glitter Bundle C-RRR

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Release Date: 3rd February 2023

C to RRR for D-BT08 Minerva Rising

Ririmi and Rarami are in this Bundle, Radylina has been moved to the Stoicheia Glitter Bundle

This glitter bundle includes a playset of the following:

Card No Card Rarity
D-BT08/001 Peak Personage Stealth Rogue, Shojodoji RRR
D-BT08/002 Stealth Dragon, Unpreceden RRR
D-BT08/012 It's Showtime! Ririmi RRR
D-BT08/013 Ladies and Gentlemen! Rarami RRR
D-BT08/017 Stealth Dragon, Jakumetsu Arcs RR
D-BT08/018 Staticrack Dragon RR
D-BT08/019 Scarlet of Fluttering Evanescent Life RR
D-BT08/034 Explosive Dragon, Cramstego R
D-BT08/035 Sublime Lance Dragon R
D-BT08/036 Spear Knight of Tinkling Scales, Rimuzveet R
D-BT08/037 Stealth Fiend, Koumaaun R
D-BT08/054 Thunderclap Dragon C
D-BT08/055 World-shaper Stealth Rogue, Shojodoji C
D-BT08/056 Thunder Bullet of Dust Storm, Sadid C
D-BT08/057 Vulkan Golem C
D-BT08/058 Sakura Romance Stealth Rogue, Shojodoji C
D-BT08/059 Heatbreath Wyvern C
D-BT08/060 Can't Quit Sake Stealth Rogue, Shojodoji C
D-BT08/061 Return to Afterlife C

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