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D-BT08 Keter Sanctuary Glitter Bundle C-RRR

D-BT08 Keter Sanctuary Glitter Bundle C-RRR

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Release Date: 3rd February 2023

C to RRR for D-BT08 Minerva Rising

Maple is in this Bundle, Obsculeid has been moved to the Brandt Gate Glitter Bundle

This glitter bundle includes a playset of the following:

Card No Card Rarity
D-BT08/007 Omniscience Regalia, Minerva RRR
D-BT08/008 Regalia of Wisdom, Angelica RRR
D-BT08/016 Pink Moth Girl, Maple RRR
D-BT08/026 Sword Saint Knight Dragon, Gramgrace RR
D-BT08/027 Witch of Ravens, Chamomile RR
D-BT08/028 Turnaround Magic, Tanaluru RR
D-BT08/029 Dark Magenta of Blooming Hatred RR
D-BT08/046 Knight of Disruption, Diarin R
D-BT08/047 Knight of Hammer Breaking, Sadie R
D-BT08/048 Universal Angel R
D-BT08/049 Wisdom of the Beginning to Open the World R
D-BT08/078 Coexistence Dragon C
D-BT08/079 Relentless Dragon C
D-BT08/080 Knight of Harrowing Fear, Dubthach C
D-BT08/081 Witch of Frogs, Melissa C
D-BT08/082 Magic of Refinement, Fufupuri C
D-BT08/083 Marmors Ehre C
D-BT08/084 Apple Witch, Cider C
D-BT08/085 Vivid Rabbit C

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