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Laser_ninja switch films

Laser_ninja switch films

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Switch films are placed between the top and bottom switch housings to reduce wobble.

The material is a flexible vinyl in opaque colours, meaning it won't let any light through the switch. The black/navy one has a different colour on each side.

The current design blocks the through-hole LED area. After these sell out, I will be stocking an updated version that does not block the LED area. If you need full RGB support, I recommend looking elsewhere for fully transparent films.

For our international customers, please visit Keyboard Treehouse.


* 0.18mm thickness
* 126 films per pack
* Vinyl material
* Designed and manufactured in Australia by laser_ninja

Usage tips:

* Peel off the outside sheet to access the films easier.
* Tweezers are recommended for removing the films and applying to the switch.
* The large 'wings' on the side of each film are perfect for grabbing with your fingers or tweezers.

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