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Snag Switches - R1

Snag Switches - R1

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Type: 5-pin Long-pole Linear Switch

Top Material: Opaque White Polycarbonate

Stem Material: Red Mixed PE

Bottom Material:  Green Nylon

Spring: Oiled 62g double spring

Packs of 35

This line of community switches from AEBoards is a round of recoloured Raeds and Naevies based on community colour favourites from the Snzagkeys Discord. We've brought in a few of the improvements that will go into the next iteration of Raeds and Naevies for testing and feedback.

The "Snag switch" is a linear version of the community switch. We're using the discord server icon as the colour way, and inspired by one of favourite local spots to visit. The snags (also known as sausage sizzle, sausage sanga) is a staple of any weekend visit and true high brow culinary cuisine. We've got a Nylon-mix green bottom, white PC top, flourished by the red MPE stem. We're using our new AEBoards top mold, as well as our new 62g double spring (factory oiled). We've also added in 5 pin support.

With these new changes, our long-pole linear tactile switches feels a bit snappier and pleasant on the upstroke, while retaining it's smoothness. The tighter tops also reduce wobble, and overall should be an improvement to your linear feels.

These are sold in pack of 35 pcs - starting with community meetups and smaller run discord events and streams. We will also have some out for the international market but ensuring that we cover our local community first!

For our international customers, please visit Keyboard Treehouse.

Force curve:

Note: this is just a representation of the switch, there are no standards in force curve measurements. Test speed 50mm/min.

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